brahim Khattab, nine, unwrapped a yellow plastic toy bus at Shifa Hospital yesterday, while his mother sadly recalled the trivial argument he had with his older brother before they were splattered with shrapnel from an Israeli missile.

As the brother, Wassim 15, lay in the bed beside him, also seriously injured, their mother Khetam, 39, described how last Friday she told the two boys that the breakfast would be ready in a few minutes.

“Ibrahim wanted to go out to play but Wassim was hungry and said he wanted to stay until breakfast was ready. But Ibrahim persuaded him. I wish now he had listened to his older brother and they had stayed for breakfast,” she said.

Shortly after they joined their friends in the street outside they were struck by heavy shrapnel from a missile fired by a drone. A week later Wassim was lying in the surgical ward at Shifa, a metal external fixator on his right leg to stabilise the bone and tissue after an open frac