Approach to lips

I believe that the lip poses a unique challenge in demanding dynamic beauty, proportion between its different components, volume and projection while remaining harmonious with the rest of the face. 

Scarless Liplift

What makes the upper lip aesthetically pleasing, beautiful or voluptuous?
  • Length: Whether inherited or as a consequence of aging and gravity, an elongated upper lip with no tooth show gives the impression of aging
  • Red lip show: The more red lip show there is, both centrally and in the corners of the mouth the more voluptuous a lip looks
  • Pout: This is the gentle “J” curve a lip has in side-profile view and is a result of having more volume in the red part of the lip as compared to the upper part under the nose. This differs from the ‘ducky’ appearance of an over-filled lip filler
  • Movement: The lip is the only part of the body that needs to look good will moving and not just when it is static. Fillers rob the lip from that ‘fluidity’ in movement as it becomes turgid.

Before & After Gallery

Why the Scarless Lip lift?

The “bull horn” lip lift which is the most popular lip lift available leaves the patient with a permanent scar in middle of their face. Even if it is a good scar it still remains a scar none the less. It also alters the shape of the nostrils and only addresses the central part of the upper lip and no the corners

In the Scarless Lip lift all the incisions are made in the inner surface of the upper lift which besides scarring much better than skin, is completely hidden on the inside of the mouth. 

For no visible scar this procedure:

  • Shortens the lip.
  • Increases the amount of red lip show both centrally and at the corners of the mouth.
  • Increases the pout by moving tissues down to increase the volume of the red part of the lip
  • Leaves the lip with its natural fluid movement.
Who is good candidate?
  • You may consider yourself a good candidate when:
  • You want natural looking yet improved lips that move normally
  • You have elongated distance between your nose and the red portion of the upper lip with reduced or no tooth show
  • Thin red portion of the upper lip
  • Unhappy with the results that filler injections give you
  • You Do Not Want A Scar
Lip Lift Details

– Procedure Price: £4,300 – All inclusive price

– Follow-up: 3 follow up appointments up to 1 year.

– Duration: 75 mins.

– Anaesthetic: Local Anaesthetic. 

– Length of stay: Outpatient procedure (Home the same day). 

– Sutures: Absorbable sutures. Fall out on their own

– Mouth wash after every meal for the first week

– Recovery: Usually one week for most of the swelling to go down. Office home work can be resumed after few days.