Minimally Invasive Brow lift

Brows droop due to a combination of familial or age related reasons. When they do, they give the appearance of fatigue, premature aging and even sternness while making the eyes seem less bright and smaller.

Brow surgery is an aesthetic decision that needs to be individualized to the patient’s desires and facial characteristics. Patients require examination in front of a mirror to determine their preferences. Minimally invasive Brow Lift surgery is a simple procedure through a small incision in the hairline repositions the brow in its youthful place, opening up the eye area and making the face look younger and brighter. It is done under local anesthetic as a day case and involves repositioning the brow itself and tightening the tissues which have been stretched over time. 

Minimally Invasive Brow lift Details

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– First appointment: £200

– Second appointment: No extra charge

– Procedure Price: £4,500 – All inclusive price

– Follow-up: No charge, 3 appointments up to 1 year.

– Duration: 60 – 90 mins.

– Anesthetic: Local Anesthetic.

– Length of stay: Outpatient procedure (Home the same day).

– Sutures: Absorbable sutures. Fall out on their own

– Return to work: 2-3 days

– Full recovery 2 -4 weeks