Non-surgical nose job

The nose harmonizes and brings balance to the person’s face enhancing its beauty. Thus, “Rhinoplasty” or “nose job” is one such cosmetic surgical procedure which remains among the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries. But, in the recent years, there has been a downward trend which could be ascribed to it being an operation with high risks and potentially limited predictability of the aesthetic results.

Moreover, functional disturbances, dissatisfaction with the final results due to surgical complications leading to revision rhinoplasties are reasons for reluctance in seeking this procedure for aesthetic concerns. The thin soft tissue skin envelope of the nose results in undesirable outcomes even with the smallest changes and makes cosmetic rhinoplasty one of the most challenging procedures.

The nonsurgical rhinoplasty offers patients the opportunity to guide the procedure in real time, customizing the result to their preferences. The advantages of less invasive nature, minimal downtime, and reversible or temporary results non-surgical rhinoplasty make it the treatment of choice for several patients.

The fillers are a valuable tool as they can easily camouflage certain nasal irregularities in patients who do not want to or are ineligible to undergo surgical rhinoplasty, correct any minor post-rhinoplasty defects in appropriate patients, and can be used in patients who have minor defects for which surgery is not justified. Liquid rhinoplasty is a highly effective way to make your nose smoother and more even, particularly if you have thin skin. Like perfecting a painting, filler can be used for fine and intricate refinements.

– Procedure Price: £750 to £950