Approach to Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most technically demanding procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery. It requires a level of sophistication derived from diligent study, repetitive execution, and critical review. During the evaluation phase, the surgeon must exercise a systematic approach that includes a thorough investigation into the psychological and physical aspects of the individual patient, their needs and expectations.

The three cornerstones of any successful rhinoplasty – planning, simplicity, and flexibility – are critical to the pursuit of this structured approach. Planning entails a thoughtful and critical analysis of what surgical techniques may be best enlisted to achieve the envisioned aesthetic effect consistent with the patient’s expectations.

Simplicity argues in favour of performing only those surgical procedures needed to accomplish the task at hand while minimizing the variables that arise from protracted, ill-defined surgery. Flexibility demands that the surgeon be capable of modifying his plan if unforeseen operative events disrupt the proposed course of action.