Approach to facial aesthetics

My philosophy in the aesthetics and beauty of the face is built on achieving harmony between its different components – the skin, facial volume/fat and laxity of deep structures – and proportion between its different regions. By addressing each of them independently I am able to restore balance and roll back the changes that have offset facial harmony. Each part of the face, which starts at the hairline and extends all the way down to the collar bone, has to be individually addressed.

A plastic surgeon who is a master of his craft views all procedures, from the least invasive office-based intervention to a full surgical treatment, as mere tools at his disposal that he can employ to give the patient their desired results, rather than being restrained by the limitations of any single technique or tool. From chemical peels and injectables, to energy based devices and all the way to facelifts or even facial implants I aim to employ the right tools or combination of tools to achieve the results that meet the patients expectations within the limitations imposed on them by their lifestyle.”

Approach to eyelid and orbital aesthetics

The importance of the human gaze in every circumstance from social to emotional is undeniable. It is therefore critical to identify the characteristics that make it attractive and to gauge the changes that they have undergone with the passage of time. A youthful attractive face presents with a full upper eyelid and a seemingly short lower eyelid in the vertical dimension with a smooth semicircular transition at the lid- cheek junction. The eye fissure is upward slanting going from the nasal side to the outer angle. The sclera with its snow white colour does not show beneath the pupil. The upper eyelid crease is in a low position resulting in minimal prelid-margin skin show. The skin is taut and elastic. The surface area between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid crease is full and convex. The lid–cheek junction is smooth. The transition between the lateral aspect of the nose and the medial aspect of the lower lid is smooth. As a result, the tear trough is barely visible.

The extent to which the different components that make up the aesthetic of the gaze change determines the nature of the treatment required to restore their beauty. Understanding the universal concepts of beauty across racial and time variation is of a great importance for modern aesthetic plastic surgeons. Addressing the additive component of aging (skin excess) while ignoring the subtractive component (fat atrophy and volume loss), may lead to a less youthful and attractive appearance.

Approach to Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most technically demanding procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery. It requires a level of sophistication derived from diligent study, repetitive execution, and critical review. During the evaluation phase, the surgeon must exercise a systematic approach that includes a thorough investigation into the psychological and physical aspects of the individual patient, their needs and expectations. The three cornerstones of any successful rhinoplasty – planning, simplicity, and flexibility – are critical to the pursuit of this structured approach. Planning entails a thoughtful and critical analysis of what surgical techniques may be best enlisted to achieve the envisioned aesthetic effect consistent with the patients expectations. Simplicity argues in favor of performing only those surgical procedures needed to accomplish the task at hand while minimizing the variables that arise from protracted, ill-defined surgery. Flexibility demands that the surgeon be capable of modifying his plan if unforeseen operative events disrupt the proposed course of action. 

Approach to lips

I believe that the lip poses a unique challenge in demanding dynamic beauty, proportion between its different components, volume and projection while remaining harmonious with the rest of the face.  My lip lift  procedure will achieve central pouting, forward bulging, an eversion effect in the upper lip, increase the red show of the lip and shorten the vertical length of the cutaneous part, all with no visible scars as these are inside the mouth.  This procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and can be done separately, or combined with Endolift or Morpheus treatments to get rid of any added fine wrinkles around the mouth.